wake me up when september ends
2005-06-25 - 3:00 a.m.

there is a bird of doom outside my window, it's squawking at me. the squawk tolls for me.

this time of the morning always gets me down into reflective mode.

I pick up my phone and put it down, pick it up and put it down, pick it up and put it down. What the hell am I doing? it's 3am, I'm not gonna call anyone. and even if it weren't, there'd be nobody to call.

maybe if I was drunk. I've never made a drunken phone call. and i do have emergency vodka... vodka which admittedly smells suspiciously like nail polish remover, which is probably why I have yet to declare an emergency to date.

you ever made any drunken phone calls? tell me some stories.

that's a good idea actually, I might try to read something to distract myself, and then go sleep this off.

I still want answers, though.

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