your love, is better than chocolate
2004-10-18 - 2:18 a.m.

At the moment I am in a period of change, change at an elemental level. I am being forced to reconsider everything in and not in my life. But forced with my permission, my blessing, because though it's chaotic, intense, and inducing many mental chasms and emotional schisms, I... well, this probably sounds vaguely psychotic but I'm thinking "The apocalypse may be coming, but I have a freaking good umbrella, so now is as good a time as any."

Wow, umbrella metaphors... don't you miss the days when the prototypical entry was "argh-no-assignment-no-assignment-metaphor-for-how-life-is-meaningless-and-I-like-cake"?

Because, I don't.

I am trying desperately not to speak of the boy ad nauseam, because obviously it would add nausea to you the poor literate population (while the illiterate population can sit and stare at the screen in blissful unnauseated ignorance).

And yet. It feels a bit like someone has removed my eyelids permanently, and though the extra vision is dizzying and frightening, beauty shadows every image, and you can't help but want to spend all your time drinking in the world again. come for the insight on love, stay for the free buckets she'll provide when you start throwing up.

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