and I will bare my soul in time
2005-05-20 - 2:16 a.m.

note to self,

Catching a bus to a place where there are no more buses running in hope of catching a bus home? not the brainiest of ideas. the sydney transport system does not revolve around you, Apparently. Hrrmph.

from me.

Dear Sean,

I think you should rethink your attempts at picking up chicks. Randomly approaching me and then slurring "Hi I'm Sean... I'm from Ireland... I've been here four days and you're the first aussie girl I've met! ... ... give me a kiss?" just didn't do much for me babe. Although to give you credit, you did make requests for a kiss just as my Father was pulling up to the curb; thinking of how your life span would significantly dwindle had I obliged was thoroughly amusing.

Random Girl on Street Corner.

Dear Boys Who Are Drunk And Want To Hit On Me, Or Who Aren't And Still Would,

Don't bother. I am Not Interested. Perhaps I shall make a shirt with this catchy phrase on it for your benefit. woot.


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