price check on bunny love
2005-04-21 - 3:16 p.m.

Lately I've been edgy. On edge. Feet half on ground and half in the air. Swaying forward, falling back, repeat repeat.

But I feel better now. I had a heart to heart with my toy bunny earlier ... Okay, a heart to stuffing anyway.

Bunny's been there for me since I escaped the womb. Bunny loves me. Or it could just be that her stubby limbs and fat booty and general lack of animacy force her to hang around, but y'know. It's the being there that counts. The fact that her mouth is sewn on and she's thereby doomed to silence, also helps.

And, she's cuddly.

So anyway, yes, I have resolved some things in my head, and that's good. On the downside, my descent into undiluted insanity seems to be speeding up.


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