tales from the flip side
2005-06-05 - 2:34 a.m.

*takes butter and jam out of fridge and places them on counter*
*starts to cut a croissant*

butter: *does a haughty french laugh* you do not think you will be placing meee on that excuse for a cwasohn, do you??
me: why are you being french??? croissants are french; you my butter, are not.
butter: shut up! what do you know! I'll show you!
*butter somehow leaps off counter*
toes: oww! fuck!!
me: that was one fat-ass tub of butter.
butter: oh yeah, come down here and say that.


okay okay so, what is THE LAMEST thing about you right now? I want you to picture it, breathe it, fondle it and shudder - whatever,

but think on it



I like, really like the new song by the backstreet boys.

there, don't you feel better?


I've just started my two week late essay, finally, and I'm a bit freaked out because
a) it's 2 weeks late
b) i've just started now
c) I really need to get it done before tuesday because I can't miss anymore classes and that particular class is on our essays and I don't think I can face an entire room full of people and be like "yeah, see, I was playing chess with Procrassie, and uh, it turns out, I don't know how to play chess."
and d) I really really really need to get it done before tuesday because my lecturer is leaving for freaking china next weekend and I just realised he needs time to mark it and such. shiiiiii.....


me: ahahah! take that procrassie! I started doing work!!!
procrassie: oh really... hmmm...
*me continues doing work for a good while until*
procrassie: *mutters*sweetestmouth...
me: huh?
procrassie: oh nothing...
me: mmm k.
procrassie: *mumbles* likesoakinginhoneeeeyyyy
me: wha?
*suddenly several moments with ex flash practically on the walls*
me: ooooh, damn you! I'm BUSY, I'll think about him LATER.
procrassie: okay.
me: SHUT UP!
procrassie: I didn't say anything!
me: I- ... mmmmmmm. *goes away with the fairies*
me: oh, feck, look what you've done, now I'm gonna have to go write a diary entry just to distract myself.
procrassie: muahahahaha!

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