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2005-06-19 - 1:13 a.m.

Over-Analysisising: the idiot's guide to.

1. examine all available evidence, including the lack of evidence, which is evidence in itself, although you can never quite be sure of what

2. formulate a logical conclusion based on thingy's razor

3. feel unsatisfied by logical conclusion and look for highly wacky and unlikely hypotheses which seem to fit better because they agree with your underlying paranoia

4. feel tortured by said hypotheses and try to reject them because they are indeed wacky and perhaps are just an excuse to feed your paranoia

5. wonder if they are not just an excuse but are instead feelings coming from your gut/feminine intuition/worldly wisdom etc.

6. get tired and go back to believing the logical explanation for awhile because it treats you nicer, is the kind of thing that lets you sleep at night

7. remember you don't sleep at night anyway and go over the wacky paranoid hypotheses obsessively

8. repeat steps 6 and 7 ad nauseam

9. Try to formulate a new improved explanation which caters for both your logicality AND your paranoia

10. recieve postcard from outerspace "Dear You, Having an awesome time in outerspace, the weather is great. Wish you were here! NOT. Love from Your Sanity."

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