seething green, emerald burn
2005-04-24 - 11:00 p.m.

"If it's a disease what do you need a gun for?"
"Well- Whatever."
"Do you know how to use it?"
"I know the concept."
-- Bad Rose McGowan Movie, on ch9 now


How do you heal a wound when you spend your time scratching at it with salt?

Once it took me two years. Sometimes I'll catch a glimpse of the scar, and sigh. But that's it. I got there. Eventually.

How to get from point A to point B, is the question. Let's forget that point B is unknown, undecided, and just consider it as not A. The answer is time, of course, the answer is always time, but I'd rather not waste too much of it guessing. I'm the rabbit Alice follows down the hole, I'm late, I'm late.

A to B. I don't suppose it's just a matter of waiting around til a nice man with a hat and a limo shows up with my name on a placard. Who doesn't love their name on a placard.

Metaphor, obviously. No nice men with or without limos are gonna get the job done. I think I just want the cushy ride for once, where epiphanies drip down like honey; sweet and easy.


uni: I'm playing hide and seek. hide from the work as long as possible, then at the last minute, seek the hell out of it.


Homer: Good evening, Madam. You have been selected by the good people of Slash-Co to reap the benefits of their new Nev-R-Dull knife edge. Here, shake hands with the Slash-Co! [hands her the knife]
Woman: [grabs the wrong end] Aaaaaagh!
Homer: [to himself] Handle first, handle first...


I am craving a change of something. Scene maybe? No, that's not it. I want to want something and go after and then have it. That IS the logical progression of things. But I am stuck at step one. The few things I do want...


If you were Rose McGowan, and you were in a horror/thriller movie with some freaky shiznit going down, would you investigate suspicious noises?

'Cos maybe it's just pre-emptive little me, but I see myself doing a mini-shriek and pretty much tripping over myself to dash girlyly to the nearest man/weaponry.

inner feminist to babs: Screw the man part of that sentence, just go for the weaponry. You are woman and can defend yourself, thank you very much.
babs to inner feminist: Now now, don't dis horror movie gender stereotypes based on grand cultural traditions, not to mention the evolutionary urge to go to man when there be trouble.
inner feminist to babs: The key word there is evolution. We have evolved; such notions are outdated, and you know it.
babs to inner feminist: ... FINE. What if I said, maybe I didn't want to break a nail??
inner feminist to babs: Then I would STRANGLE YOU WHILE YOU SLEPT.
babs to inner feminist: Okay, how about this. Most weaponry seems to be essentially phallic. And ... I forget where I was going. So let's just skip to my end point which makes absolutely no sense because I couldn't have been bothered to give you the middle, but ... I HAVE NO PENIS!!!
inner feminist to babs: I don't think any middle could have helped that!
babs to inner feminist: no penis! no penis! I have no penis! penis! penis!
inner feminist to babs: ... why do I keep trying with you? why??

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