baby are you cold are you cold baby I could wrap you up wrap you up in my love if you wanna
2005-03-04 - 11:34 p.m.

Tell me the truth and I'll tell you the truth if...

Ben Lee has been stuck in my head on-and-off for the past 48hrs. As if someone has shrunken him down and made him crawl into my brain through one of my ears. Everytime there is a gap between thoughts mini-ben strums his little heart out while belting "you can gamble everything for love if you're free," at me, and I start rhythmically nodding at him internally and then externally and then I end up looking very weird to strangers in my vacinity.

But what can you do.

I am in one of those moods, no, not PMS, but ... squintiness. Undone puzzles irk me, I just want them done, I don't care what the picture is... I just want it to be whole so that I can stop my abusive relationship with the pieces I can't seem to make fit anywhere.

They sit in my palm and flaunt their undoneness at me, like an expensive call girl at a poor man.

Speaking of call girls, guess who went to a porn store the other night? Yup, you got it, me! It was the birthday of the marvellous Kikikins so of course her wish was our command.

I've never been in one before, so being there surrounded by dildos and vibrators and porn porn porn, all while Shania Twain was playing on the radio, landed somewhere between "slightly disturbing" and "making me snicker girlishly".

Although disturbingly, disney on ice? Still WAAAYYYY more freaky.

Anyway, the girls of course made me buy something, but I think I'll play the bold coquette and refuse to tell you what... hahahahaha. Ehhh, you'll never guess.

Before our evening took a slight turn for the dirty, we had fun having teppenyaki & ice cream with Tithonus; now is it me, or are diaryland people the best kind of people? With the exception of myself for obvious blonde reasons, I think they're generally smarter, or at least kookier, than the average bear.

Mmmm, kooky.

Oh, this reminds me, a topic of conversation we were having that night -- guys -- do they suck? I was trying to defend them but not having much luck.

I'm biased as hell anyway, for I love men. Well, a man. Sadly I don't think it's going to work out.... because Johnny Depp never calls or writes or ANYTHING, you'd think he didn't even know me! Oh Johnny, how can you deny a love so true and based upon the fact that not only do you look dead sexy as a pirate, but you're now the candy man??!! Come on!

Hehe, well, I'd best be off. Emails to write, bank documents to forge, hotpants workout dvd to dance to, and history homework readings on chinese ho's... wow, my life almost sounds interesting!


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