token entry
2005-05-17 - 4:28 p.m.

Here is a token-I-have-half-an-hour-to-kill-at-uni-type-entry.



Dullest of the dull. Doing the uni thang. The next week promises to be intense, with even more assignment rubble to crawl out from under...

Uber Eh. I'm a fourth year, I've scraped my way through twenty four courses and counting. Being buried alive in paper has become nothing new. I know how to ration out appropriate amounts of stress (extremely minimal), I know precisely how late I can hand in work, I know exactly how much I can not bother show up.

Fabulous life skills and such.

A time is dawning. Many years ago I promised myself that in a date two weeks from now, I'd have it all together.

A career.
A relationship.
A body of spectacular thinness.

I'm almost 0/3. My attitudes have changed about them, I'm so very zen about having/nothaving them, but I worry "zen" may be quietly equivalent to "lazy" in this case.

I want to rob from the secure and give to the needy. I won't take their money but I would like their confidence in their sense of selves.

Muahaha. Oh, I'm nice.

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