still in bloom
2004-10-31 - 5:34 p.m.

Shelley brought me some lilies yesterday, but since I was a bit crazy all day, I didn't think to put them into a vase until today.

I couldn't find a vase that would fit them right, so I went into our garden to hack up some more flowers so it wouldn't look so empty.

Do you know those flowers that are sort of lily-shaped and red? Those were the first flowers boy brought me. It turns out we have like seven of those plants in our garden. They're almost all dead, perhaps it just isn't their season right now.

I thought they were all dead until I found a plant hiding behind our aviary, still in bloom.

So I stole some of it's flowers, and now there are pink, white, red, and green colours sitting in a blue vase.

Although my rational brain is fully aware that they're just plant genitalia (for crying out loud) they ... mean something to me.

I know that they'll wither and die, because that is the nature of things which have been cut from their life source. But I haven't been cut, and there is still sunshine to bask in.

Still, I adore just sitting and looking at them. They're love and friendship inhabiting the same little space, and this enlightens and pacifies me in the same breath.

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