electric shivers cross my skin, it's like a fever, and you're my only medicine
2005-04-14 - 8:38 p.m.

"Sorry Mom, I've decided to save my love for someone who's guaranteed not to reject me ... soon, Corey, soon." Lisa Simpson


is not
a poem.

In English we are learning
to experiment. Forgive
my case of the stilts.

Today I saw a bird's
from barbed wire.

did it get
so tangled? And
did life
end there?

I almost wanted to
take it down. Let it

But I
kept walking
the hollow
lifeless mass
was not

Was it.


I start work at 6 tomorrow. Tell me I like money better than sleep? Tell me I like my hands becoming coarse from the heat more than I like them melted butter soft, never-worked-hard-a-day-in-her-life, "all the better to touch you with, my dear"?

On the bright side, I think in like year 11, one of my fondest dreams was to know how to make coffee. And now I'm learning it. Thus technically achieving a dream ... wheeee! I like knowing how to do productive things.


hungry. behind. messy. blahblah. L. not much changes exactly.


"And a funeral director accused of cremating the wrong body, and covering it up, with another."
Sandra Sully

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