it's not enough, I've given all I can
2005-03-28 - 12:38 a.m.

What's worse than watching an episode of NCIS?
Watching it and realising you've seen it before.

You're just CSI without the fun sexual tension!! And ... with navy ... oh so uninteresting navy. And yet I watch you ... why? why? why god why???!

I've been doing my impression of Augustus Gloop this weekend, me thinks it shows, ja?

There's something about Easter ...

Suddenly those Christians who are the cause of lo the killing and the badness of ye olde take on an almost happy-go-lucky light.

"Jesus died. Yaaaaaay!"
"Now he's alive again. Yaaaaay!"
"In light of this yay, let us worship bunnies of chocolate."

Father: "I don't understand these non-religious people, I mean, what are they doing???"
Babs: (soliloquy) "It's great how my gradual slide into agnosticism has gone completely unnoticed!"
Babs: "Uh ... yeeeeah ... yay God!"

I am on the swings, they are named mood, and all you need to know is that that wasn't up and this isn't down.

I have a list of things undone. It is the permanent rain cloud over my head, but I'm so used to the weather that this wetness is almost my friend. screw you, pneumonia.

I am almost mother now. Not a very good one, but still. It's quite dizzying, because I am supposed to be having my own life at the same time. And sometimes I just don't know if I can be bothered. Like I can't find a good enough reason to stretch myself out, it's easier to just do what I have to and then shut down, rather than running around and around and around trying to find out what I want to do, and then doing it...

But it's just hit Monday morning, and don't they always make you feel like that?

Uni: I am behind. And this makes me feel like, I am a behind. I will endeavour to not be a behind.

Work: I have been on some interviews and am waiting to hear back. If I get rejected I will resume-drop and organise more interviews. I will call this progress, because it's different to doing nothing.

Food: I am psychologically hungry, so I have started that bad habit of eating ALL THE TIME. munch munch munch. I will stop this. I feel like I am fattening myself for the abbatoir.

Driving: I will finish learning how to, before my 21st birthday. I will learn how to change lanes, and, park. 30hrs down, 20hrs to go.

Love: I will have a "talk" with the one. I will tell him x, and I will ask him y, and the answers and responses will content me, simply by knowing them. I will not jump him. I will not jump him. I will not jump him ... much?

House: I will clean my room, and my life will be neater.

I will find my place.

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