And it's bad news, baby I'm bad news, I'm just bad news bad news bad news
2005-06-03 - 12:50 a.m.

Truth? I just wanted to make an entry with some lyrics from the rilo kiley song I'm currently listening to as the title...

So yes with nothing specific thought out to fill this box with... um...


Procrassie and me have switched to playing strip poker, unsurprisingly I am losing and feeling very nekkid.

Back: oh spiney I love you, and can't wait for you to return, but could you possibly stay away for another week so I can get out of work again?? Ta.

Life is a mess and I'm tired of it being a mess and I'm tired of being tired... a friend said to me the other day "You're destroying yourself," and and my mouth made that little shape of "o"-surprise, because she was right.

How did I not notice that?
And why does it not bother me?

Our new heater is making death rattle noises at me. I just got up to check it, and a light is on to indicate it's "defrosting". What the hell? There's no frost around baby, unless you have somehow managed to steal frozen meat from your pal the fridge and hide don't make me squint suspiciously at you. Maybe if I turn it off and then back on it'll forget what it was doing? Much like me and my short-circuity brain at work?

Hah! I can't believe that WORKED.

Me and confused appliances are so zen.

Things are too quiet tonight... it unnerves me.
someone msn me or call me or email me or sms me or freaking stand outside your house and yell "cooeeeeeee".

Apparently in the little village in Croatia where my parents were born people used to stand on the hills and yell things to each other.

That shouldn't be my idea of a good time but somehow it is.

I excessively like pointless noise over silence... but, you guessed that already?

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