2006-03-25 - I guess this is growing up
2005-12-18 - there's nothing but the rain, no footsteps on the ground
2005-10-06 - just checking in
2005-07-04 - watch me hold my tongue
2005-06-28 - can you show me how to get to, how to get to sesame street
2005-06-27 - the battle's almost won, and we're only several miles from the sun
2005-06-26 - I've got another confession to make, I'm your fool
2005-06-25 - wake me up when september ends
2005-06-23 - you can dress me up in diamonds, you can dress me up in dirt
2005-06-23 - a quickie
2005-06-22 - I'm awake, but my world is half-asleep
2005-06-20 - can't you see it's a masquerade, so get yourself together baby
2005-06-19 - and it'd make my day if you just stay for awhile
2005-06-18 - when you can't hold on, when you can't hold on... hold on
2005-06-15 - but i am swimming in an ocean all alone
2005-06-12 - baby, my baby, it's written on your face, you still wonder, if we made a big mistake
2005-06-12 - c is for cookie, that's good enough for me
2005-06-10 - drifting
2005-06-06 - and as it came down near, so did a weary tear:
I thought it was a bird but it was just a paper bag

2005-06-05 - tales from the flip side
2005-06-03 - And it's bad news, baby I'm bad news, I'm just bad news bad news bad news
2005-05-31 - You can't build a house of leaves and live like it's an evergreen, it's just a season thing
2005-05-30 - ouchies
2005-05-29 - Another winter day has come and gone away
2005-05-25 - and i still hold your hand in mine, in mine when i'm asleep
2005-05-25 - the power is youuurrrs
2005-05-23 - it's okay to stumble
2005-05-21 - 'cause we'll all be portions for foxes
2005-05-20 - and I will bare my soul in time
2005-05-18 - the zero winter
2005-05-17 - token entry
2005-05-15 - Out of the sea, wish I could be, part of that world
2005-05-12 - I'm so hollow, baby, I'm so hollow
2005-05-10 - come on in, I've gotta tell you what a state I'm in
2005-05-07 - conga conga conga, conga like you mean it, please don't make me hurt you
2005-05-06 - with my sad picture of girl getting bitter
2005-05-03 - You toyed with my heart like it was a toy heart
2005-05-01 - stop right now, thank you very much
2005-04-30 - in time, you will find, you're heavensent
2005-04-28 - I heart Shelley
2005-04-28 - I've held back a wealth of shit I think I'm gonna choke,
I'm standing in the shadows with the words stuck in my throat

2005-04-25 - letters as procrastination
2005-04-24 - seething green, emerald burn
2005-04-23 - i like stuff, do you like stuff?
2005-04-22 - skanky skank skank
2005-04-21 - price check on bunny love
2005-04-20 - apple sky
2005-04-17 - if next to me is all that you need to be would you settle for fantasy if it's the best you could do?
2005-04-16 - I remember when we met, before I was invisible
2005-04-14 - electric shivers cross my skin, it's like a fever, and you're my only medicine
2005-04-12 - no one knows if shooting stars will land
2005-04-11 - some stilted thoughts
2005-04-10 - something to weight that heavy heart
2005-04-09 - wallet/puffer/smokes/keys
2005-04-03 - procrasti-nation
2005-04-02 - down to the last sliver of confetti
2005-03-29 - we could set this thing apart
2005-03-28 - it's not enough, I've given all I can
2005-03-24 - what if we were symphonies
2005-03-20 - will you bring me down will you break my fall
2005-03-17 - oh no, it's over, can I give you a call? we've come, so far, we can't climb over the walls
2005-03-13 - always worth it if only to realise not always perfect but somehow deserving of time
2005-03-10 - I look in to see beauty trapped, confined it flutters then, it leaves behind colourful dust to remind me of those special times we've spent
2005-03-09 - haven't I always loved you?
2005-03-06 - what you feel is what you are, what you are is beautiful
2005-03-04 - baby are you cold are you cold baby I could wrap you up wrap you up in my love if you wanna
2005-03-03 - my life is confetti
2005-03-01 - and the two of them just kind of tear each other's hearts out
2005-02-27 - it was a monday when my lover told me,
never pay the reaper with love only

2005-02-25 - I have no title ... too/2
2005-02-15 - I left my house and made no sound, not a soul was all around
2005-02-15 - I don't want to give you the pleasure of stripping my colours to your grey
2005-02-13 - by the time you read this, I'll be fast asleep and waking
2005-02-12 - and if you think that I'm quiet then you don't read my eyes
2005-02-10 - it's a dark cold night, trying to figure out this life
2005-02-09 - fulfillment just adds fuel to the blaze
2005-02-08 - make me feel like I'm the one to blame, for all this
2005-02-07 - darling it's better down where it's wetter
2005-02-06 - I turned my underwear pink
2005-02-03 - and if I wait for you now, would you come, would you run, would you bring it back around oh baby how
2005-02-03 - too much static in the air, too much sugar in my mouth
got every single possibility all worked out

2005-02-01 - on sleepless roads the sleepless go, may angels lead you in
2005-01-29 - if you gamble everything for love you'll be alright
2005-01-27 - baby got mac
2005-01-25 - for yourself, get out, nobody can make you cry the way I have
2005-01-23 - too young to hold on, and too old to just break free and run
2005-01-21 - you gave me more to live for, more than you'll ever know
2005-01-16 - I can't remember, I can't forget,
I'm simply fading like a cigarette

2005-01-12 - the waltz of emptiness
2005-01-10 - Did she fall or was she pushed? The cat knows all but it won't tell
2005-01-07 - maybe you were all faster than me
2005-01-04 - And you, maybe you'll remember me, what I gave is yours to keep
2005-01-02 - pray to Sony my soul to keep
2004-12-30 - neon sign
2004-12-29 - I can't break this spell
2004-12-26 - merry happy crazy christmas
2004-12-23 - I don't want a lot for christmas
2004-12-19 - I'm running out of time tonight
2004-12-13 - could you leave me with the scar
2004-12-08 - am I faithful, am I strong, am I good enough to belong, in your reverie a perfect girl
2004-12-07 - the riot in my heart decides to keep me open and alive
2004-12-05 - Larger than life is your fiction, in a universe made up of one
2004-12-04 - cast me gently, into morning, for the night has been unkind
2004-12-01 - I don't need a friend to tell me why to tell me when
2004-11-30 - oh no I never meant to do you harm
2004-11-28 - there's something 'bout the way you are
2004-11-25 - we're strangers in an empty space
2004-11-23 - that may be all I need, in darkness he is all I see
2004-11-21 - my eyes were wide shut, but I hadn't given up
2004-11-21 - I feel so far from where I've been
2004-11-18 - you do some pretty crazy little things to me
2004-11-17 - exams = clarity. unfortunately clarity = babble
2004-11-13 - can't you hear my motor heart? you're the one that started it
2004-11-09 - to x or not to x ... and psychic energy gone horribly astray
2004-11-08 - I've tried cutting the ropes and I let you go, but you're still the only one that feels like home
2004-11-06 - I just need you here with me
2004-11-03 - are we better off alone
2004-11-01 - something's missing and I don't know how to fix it
2004-10-31 - still in bloom
2004-10-30 - I can't care about anything but you
2004-10-27 - circulation of cerebrospinal fluid
2004-10-23 - oh can't you see, you belong to me
2004-10-18 - your love, is better than chocolate
2004-10-14 - the inevitable demise of Lord Capulet
2004-10-08 - I have no title

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