2004-10-02 - Your eyes show nothing more than a dazed oblivion
2004-09-28 - the lights are red but we roll past ... my car doesn't brake
2004-09-19 - Sense suffocation every day, I share your breath from far away
2004-09-14 - here is my confession, may I be your possession
2004-09-08 - when you've got the sun in your eyes don't let them see you cry
2004-09-04 - and I can't slow down for no one in town
2004-09-02 - We commit this body to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust
2004-09-01 - I don't know your face anymore, or feel the touch that I adore
2004-08-30 - so we've already established the fact that things are gonna be different in the future baby
2004-08-19 - and everytime you vent your spleen, I seem to lose the power of speech, you're slipping slowly from my reach...
2004-08-16 - if there's a time you felt like drinking, I bet it is now
2004-08-16 - she's daddy's little angel but she wasn't last night
2004-08-11 - there's no doubt it's for you, and I'm addicted tonight
2004-08-10 - when the bough breaks
2004-08-09 - where do you get off, waiting for a future as if already's not enough
2004-08-08 - can I stay, while all the world is falling in on me?
2004-08-03 - come on down
2004-08-02 - and there's a reason why I keep my distance - don't think you're gonna understand
2004-07-27 - the look in your eyes makes me crazy
2004-07-27 - I'm a superstitious girl, I'm the worst in the world
2004-07-24 - two wrongs make it all alright tonight
2004-07-19 - I'm in the sky tonight, there I can keep by your side
2004-07-17 - be my guest
2004-07-17 - take this pink ribbon off my eyes, I'm exposed and it's no big surprise
2004-07-12 - my dreams of fairy tales and fantasies were torn apart
2004-07-05 - we were meant to live for so much more, but we lost ourselves
2004-07-04 - gotta let it burn
2004-07-03 - the piece is gone, left the puzzle undone
2004-07-02 - And miles to go before I sleep
2004-06-24 - Hold me and control me and you'll melt me slowly down
2004-06-18 - getting in touch with our murderous sides
2004-06-15 - oh simple thing where have you gone?
2004-06-14 - oh here we go again I'm so spent, my head is spinning
2004-06-12 - it gets hard but it won't take away my love
2004-06-10 - I'd let you take me over if you could
2004-06-09 - lobotomy me
2004-06-04 - I am you are we're all... fucked up
2004-06-02 - yeah maybe, I'm crazy, but at least I'm still around
2004-05-29 - together regardless, we walk through the darkness
2004-05-26 - it's not a tumour!
2004-05-25 - you're gonna have to find the words to put on the page and
2004-05-24 - I wish somebody would build a bridge, so I can get over myself
2004-05-22 - keep looking for patterns
2004-05-21 - a light at the end
2004-05-20 - was i outta my head was i outta my mind
2004-05-16 - mysteries of the babs-universe
2004-05-13 - romeo and juliet they never felt this way i bet
2004-05-13 - I want your warmth but it will only make me colder when it's over
2004-05-08 - got your heart, right?
2004-05-05 - horizontal out of vertical
2004-05-03 - when autumn comes, it doesn't ask
2004-04-26 - you're in my heart, the only light that shines there in the dark
2004-04-25 - safe seconds in time are hard to beat, all out of action, quietly under seige, a little more to take the edge and slip it under me...
2004-04-23 - I believe in you
2004-04-21 - midlife midyear midsession midweek
2004-04-16 - my love, you got my love
2004-04-09 - you're all over the place, well who isn't these days
2004-04-04 - there's a weight dragging through the days
2004-03-30 - without love, without skin, and no reason all the same
2004-03-25 - do you know, how I'd be, if I never heard your name
2004-03-22 - I can't believe it's all gone wrong, na na na na na
2004-03-21 - I can't keep coming home to you
2004-03-19 - fool me once, shame on you
2004-03-13 - And please, just remember
2004-03-06 - there she stood, like a child
2004-03-03 - I'll fix these broken things, repair your broken wings, and make sure everything's alright
2004-02-27 - when the last one falls, when it's all said and done
2004-02-26 - a whore for all seasons
2004-02-19 - you're not trying hard enough
2004-02-15 - forget, what you heard, 'cos it won't stop, it won't stop
2004-02-13 - we just want something to mean something for once ... just for once
2004-02-08 - take all you can find to occupy your mind
2004-02-04 - this is where the old and new collide,
time to shake it down from every side

2004-02-02 - a pocket full of regrets, no more safety nets
2004-01-27 - talk to me now I'm older
2004-01-26 - I was a train, moving too fast
2004-01-22 - You say "Please don't make this harder", no I won't yet
2004-01-19 - this is life on mars, where we all wear scars
2004-01-18 - this is life on mars, swing from rusted bars
2004-01-17 - it all comes back into focus, when you uncover your eyes
2004-01-07 - at least you don't aspire to be boring and cold
2004-01-02 - the light, it burns
2003-12-27 - I was stained, with a role, in a day not my own
2003-12-27 - But you taught me I could change whatever came within these shallow days
2003-12-23 - lamp light makes the shadows play, and posters take the walls away
2003-12-21 - just open up and swallow down, once it hits bottom things may turn around

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