2005-05-30 - 7:16 p.m.

Higher Power: Y'know, Babs recovered from her annual birthday angst awful quick.
Lackey: Yes Master. Mayhap you will let her be though, as she is cold and pouty and cute?
Higher Power: Who died and made YOU the higher power huh?? huh?? I don't THINK so. Why do I sound like a redneck/two year old?!
Lackey: Methinks it is Babs exacting her revenge, Sire.
Higher Power Right! That does it. She will suffer ..... hehehehehehe! oh, blast, she's even taken my evil laugh! Bugger. And now I'm apparently Hugh Grant! Aaargh. I will get her! And her little dog too!!
Lackey: But, she doesn't even have a-
Higher Power: Shut up shut up shut up!!


somewhere on earth...

Babs: Aaaaarrrgh, myyy spiiiiine! Cannot.Walk.Or.Move.Without.Lower.Back.Hurting.But

So I am doomed to hobbling, AGAIN. People are not getting me the neurofen that would theoretically help so I am lying on a hot water bottle twiddling my thumbs and going "aaaaahhhh I have work to do aaaahhhh! ... ouch my spine!!"

it should be an interesting month.


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