the power is youuurrrs
2005-05-25 - 12:43 a.m.

As I scurried into uni today I passed some graduates. The graduation ceremonies happen at frequent but seemingly random intervals. One day nothing and then on another there is a swarm of black gowns and hats and excited families taking pictures...

I'm already starting to look forward to it, even though it's still far away, and even though receiving some scrap of paper for spending 5 years of my time doing nothing which will lead me anywhere seems a little, unbalanced.

It had better be some damn sweet paper, I'm telling you now.


I spent today drowning myself in these happy little fantasies ... an old habit I'd forgotten I had. I suspect that it's no good for me, but it made today excessively tolerable, so I'll let it slide.


My oh so meek and undecisive self has been distinctly surprised to find that somewhere along the way I've developed a cluster of tough cells which stare down rationality and screech "FUCK THAT. i'll do what i want, and if i have to pay for it later, i will; but damnit the choice is miiiine."

Go team. it's so nice to have someone in charge for a change.


Next week my english class is going to evaluate my poetry. I handed it out this week so they have a chance to think it over.

Dude, one of the poems was about A FISH. It wasn't even FINISHED. And the other one was a poem ABOUT THE POEM ABOUT THE FISH. I hope they don't think I'm trite as fuck, because that's what I'm thinking right about now.

Will let you know.


You have no idea how much this space got written and deleted, written and deleted, written and deleted. I tried to say it but failed... I think it wants an entry of it's own.



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