I turned my underwear pink
2005-02-06 - 2:13 a.m.

Catchy title, non?

So I accidentally broke the cardinal rule of doing laundry and threw something white in with some not-so-white things and now I have underwear that is ever so slightly pink.

I'm strangely unfazed by it. We don't live in a white white world underwear! Get with the tainted times! All your friends are colourful, so conform!! Confooorrm!!!

Oh, lord. It's 2am on a Sunday, the most boring day of the week in a bludging unemployed student's life, and I'm already SO bored that I'm relating my underwear to societal norms.

I showed the underwear to my father whose reply was "So what? It's not like anybody will see them....... right??"

Ever since the announcement of a boy he's become convinced that I am an uberskank of the highest proportions.

This is not the truth, and though I could tell him of many truths, he would just twist them until they were blatently not true, so I don't bother.

His brain is too twisted for me to get through sometimes.

Evidence: the other day I wanted to stay over at a friend's house, but he wouldn't let me(or, in his words "Don't go. I'm not saying you can't go, because you can if you IGNORE me."), because she lives in a share house, and in his mind, people in share houses at night get up to no good (read: orgies).

Evidence: watching the Iron chef earlier --
Tata: It's funny how so many chefs are male, when cooking is a woman's job.
Me: That's outdated thinking.
Tata: No it isn't.
Me: Yes, it is.
(silent impasse)

Where am I going with this? From him and Mama I have learned -- no matter how the damage has happened, you can't fight a warped mind.

Thus, you have to learn to be clever and find ways around it, or at least embrace the meaninglessness of the spawned frustration.

Babs-Confucius say: Keep your mind open, unless you want to be painted into a corner.

Brain say: The fact that you have gotten such an entry from pink underwear bemuses and alarms me. I'm off to bedfordshire, tallyho!

Babs say: Why is my brain British and urging the hounds on?

Brain say: It's almost 3am, bugger off.

Well, that cues my abrupt exit. xxx

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