c is for cookie, that's good enough for me
2005-06-12 - 4:01 a.m.

Wow, I stink.

It's funny how you have to get out of the stinky place in order to realise these kinda things. well, not funny funny. cigarette stench imitates life, I suppose.

My father is anti-taxi's because he has this insane belief that the majority of drivers want to rape and pillage single women.

In an ironic twist of fate the cab driver who dropped me home just now was terribly like my father. chatty. telling me stories. when I made him drop me off at the park so I could walk through the beautifully wet grass he wasn't pleased. He told me a story of a woman he picked up last week, who Hadn't Been Careful, and so I Should Be Careful.

I love my Dad.

It's been a very long day, and that just came to me randomly.


'Member when I said I should make a shirt saying "Not Interested" for the boys who want to hit on me? Turns out -- totally not necessary. Proof -

Random Pub Boy: So, which of you have a boyfriend? I know YOU have a boyfriend.
Babs: ... No I don't.
Random Pub Boy: Fuck, [if this is what you're like without one] I'd hate to see you WITH a boyfriend.
Babs' witty friend: she has one.... in her miiind!

Sidenote: boobs do not like pubs. for there is ogling, oh so much ogling, I didn't plan to be in one but next time I wear a turtleneck.

"if you ain't there ain't nobody else to impress" ahhh beyonce, she is wise beyond her skankiness.

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