too much static in the air, too much sugar in my mouth
got every single possibility all worked out

2005-02-03 - 3:01 a.m.

Walker, Texas Ranger is all out getting attacked a bear. And you thought your life was exciting...

I smell like gig. It is not nice. But the gig was good. There was a cake fight. Happy birthday darlink Vyva.

An old man tried to crack onto Cinta and when he failed he came over to me, Shelley, and Al. He asked what we were talking about and Shelley had the extremely bright idea of replying thusly:

Shelley: Periods!
Babs: Yes! oh the cramps!
Shelley: And the blood!
Babs: Oh, the blood!

Old man promptly walked away, and I would like to recommend this as a highly effective and entirely amusing strategy of removing unwanted male company. (Periods! So that's what they're good for!)

Speaking of males, a catalogue came in the mail today and in one picture there is a bed with a half naked man nearby... Every time I look at it I think "Fuck, that's one sweet duvet cover set."

I am officially a linen loving lesbian.

I'm having some memory triggers again, nothing anyone but me can see into things. Individually they're ... there aren't words for the good. The best little high. But having too many together makes the reverse reply, and I do that kind of spiral falling where there's no bottom to crash into. Just down and down and down.

The weather's changed again and it's fucking freezing. But I'm too lazy to get a jacket so I turned on a lamp that happened to be next to me and now I'm hoping it might warm me up.

Makes no sense literally, or metaphorically, but I think I mean it both ways. But mainly literally.

Urgh, the time has come in tvland where the main free-to-air stations are showing paid presentations... it's not good viewing. I'm thinking hot hot shower, I'm thinking washing my hair to unstinkify it.

As soon as I can convince myself to get up.

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