can you show me how to get to, how to get to sesame street
2005-06-28 - 8:05 a.m.

I noticed tonight
That the world has been turning
While I've been stuck here
Dithering around

Though I know I said I'd wait around til you need me
I have to go
I, hate to let you down

But I can't stop now
I've got troubles of my own
'Cos I'm short on time
I'm lonely, and I'm
Too tired to talk


It's 8am and I haven't been to bed yet, too busy pretending I am going to break out into an essay ANY MINUTE NOW but actually just going crazy over one thing then another then another then another, and then back over each in neverending changing flavours of crazylisciousness!

I'm nuts, it's official! I've gone from laughing maniacally at one thing to the complete 180 of shedding a melancholy tear at the other in the very next moment, and d'you know what happened after that?? d'you know d'you know??!


//sidenote// the other morning during a sunday 6am shift at work -- man in dire seriousness says to me: I came out of the club and something horrible had gone wrong! *leans in conspiratorially* THE SUN had come up. Me: Yes Sir, something has obviously gone horribly, horribly wrong. Oh dear. //end sidenote//

AND IT'S FREAKING GLORIOUS this big ball of light out of nowhere comes to warm the world and yes one day it'll explode and destroy us all but not today today it brings all manner of nice things like my much beloved meal of breakfast and children's programming like bill and ben the flowerpot men!

And... and... I rule! I like the decisions that I make and the person that I am. And you should too! (haha. 'cos I'm having a rare humble moment over here obviously) But if you don't, it's not my problem...

I endorse me! Even my crummy parts! Even the cyanic bitch which will look back at this later and roll her eyes and mutter something about being sleep deprived!

I LIKE me! I like that I've just noticed that sesame street is on and proceeded to yell "ohmygod, where is the remote, I've gotta turn it up! this shit rocks!" at the computer screen

And I LIKE you! you're great, like really great, and I love you, you know.

And we'll be okay! in this world of death and disease and fear and loss and war, we'll be okay.

No, more than that, we'll be happy ... but right now I have to go because this episode of sesame street is making me giggle. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


(Ernie singing)

When Bert's not here
The hours last forever
The toys aren't fun
And the cookies don't crunch
When Bert's not here
I don't feel so clever
And I never even feel like having lunch

When Bert's not here
The place is too quiet
The windows creak
Funny thoughts fill my head
When Bert's not here
No way to deny it
I feel I really should have stayed in bed

There's some peculiar things about him
What he likes and does can be a mystery
But to spend a rainy day without him
Makes me realize how much he means to me

When Bert's not here
The sky's not so sunny
My life seems blue
And from my point of view
When Bert's not here
The jokes aren't so funny
And I wonder what on earth I'm gonna do
When Bert's not here
To play with me and you


You know, I do feel better now. I guess sometimes it does help to tell somebody how you feel. So thanks for listening. I bet I can fall right asleep now. Oh, good night!

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