watch me hold my tongue
2005-07-04 - 8:16 a.m.

This is a question is to the d-landers, the lj-ers, and the bloggers in general.

Those of you paranoid enough to have a sitemeter ... if you noticed the same IP hit up your site repeatedly, would it bother you?

Of my last 20 hits, nine have been from the same person, and I don't like it. It's not a buddy or an address I know. They haven't been referred by anyone. They just look at the index.html and leave, look at the index.html and leave, look at the index.html and leave. Like they're waiting for a new entry.

I may be crazy, actually I am crazy, this has long been established; but I have the gut feeling I'm being checked up on. It feels slimy and makes me want a shower.

Thus unless person of IP 220.237.11.# (browser: firefox; OS: microsoft winxp) identifies themselves or buggers off (that "or" may read as an "and" depending on who it is, and that "and" may read as "sincere apologies" if I'm mistaken about the suss-ness) ... this diary is dead.

To everyone else ... do you think I'm nuts?

Take care of yourselves. Awesome.

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