what if we were symphonies
2005-03-24 - 9:58 p.m.

I am writing for the sake of having a new entry. Beware the aimlessness.

Some entries you just don't like to leave lying on top. They may be what is felt in the moment but as they linger on index.html that pride of place somehow bestows upon them the authority to represent you, when no entry is ever really deserving of that. Which explains why I update so often.

It's not just because I like the sound of my own narratorial voice, I swear.

Okay, maybe a little.

I am doing a creative writing course this semester. I love love love the lectures - we read literary excerpts and the lecturer discusses a main authorial concept tied to the excerpts each week. He wears his passion on his sleeve; so instead of just chugging along like other lecturers his voice gathers an unnatural momentum as words are almost concurrently expelled with such conviction that you have to marvel at how he doesn't gasp for breath. In each lecture he calls approximately three books "the best book ever written" and at least one other gets the enigmatic yet appealing title of "an absolute bobby-dazzler".

Dictionary.com cannot explain this phrase to me, so I like to think that somewhere out there, a bobby is being dazzled.

I wish I could dazzle a bobby.

I have to hand in a folio at the end of semester, and it is daunting. No, not just daunting, but, Daunting. It only needs one capital where other words would need them all.

I lack creative juices. I think I used to drink them, but now the closest I get is hoping to find them at Coles between the white cranberry and apple guava.

Where do you go to find creativity? Where can I go?

I feel a bit like I've ... no, not bitten off more than I can chew, but ... walked into an upper class restaurant which isn't my kind of place but I so would like it to be eventually and even somewhat expect it to be one day, so do you think the guy at the front would mind if I booked a table for sometime in 2029?

I can write but I have no stories to tell. Let me live a decent-sized lifetime and then I'll tell you things worth hearing.

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