exams = clarity. unfortunately clarity = babble
2004-11-17 - 12:22 p.m.

I feel like the ravaged city. My walls have come tumbling down and joyous looting has ensured all the things which I thought I had valued are gone. Only dust and earth remain. There are odd reminders scattered about, which show that life was once here. These reminders were saddening once, but now they only underline the potential for life to grow again.

The castle in the distance is heavily guarded. I regard it with longing, once it seemed that we were not so far apart. Still, we weather the same weather, whether or not this is observed. It's walls I envy but I would not trade it places.

I may be in ruins but it is not an ending. I will go to the ground, fade back to the earth to be green again. Or else I will lure chickens and calves back to me, and then maybe men will follow, and a fair city will be built, brick by brick.

Time will tell. But until then the ruins will be set alight. Nothing like letting yourself be set on fire to pass the time... what a lovely way to burn.

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