the waltz of emptiness
2005-01-12 - 1:47 a.m.

Brain, Earlier: Mmm, I feel like pie. What kinda pie? Uh... Humble! Mmm, humble ... wait ... I think I meant blueberry. Huh. How'd I manage to confuse those two?

In the spirit of this profound idiocy, I will share with you something I said the other night.

Me: You're like a rock.

Nick: How am I like a rock?

Me: You just are. You're like a rock. Whereas I'm like a reed, and Shelley's like a...

Shelley: A willow!

Me: Right. See you're all solid like a rock. You bend for no man! Whereas Shelley and I bend for any man- (suddenly hears herself) OHMYGOD, did I just say that? aloud?? ahhhhh!!!

Brain of a relatively smart person, heart of a sweet but naive person, and mouth of a whore.

I think this all ultimately proves that the little man in my head who is supposed to be watching what I say IS DEAD AND HIS CORPSE IS ROTTING IN MY BRAIN, ROTTING I SAY! Of course he probably died from being overworked but no CSI could prove that so I think I'm safe. Phew.

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