some stilted thoughts
2005-04-11 - 9:34 p.m.

I am busy.

It is oddly unfulfilling.

But at least distracting.

In English there is poetry.

In History there is jazz.

In Japanese there are tests.

In Science Communication there is stone cold boredom.

I start new job tomorrow.

Money means shiny things.

But not happiness.

I want a cookie.


I want to make pasta.

I want to sing and dance.

I want to have bizarre hobbies like croquet and jam-making.

I want to try all the craziness there is in this world.

I want to live.

And love.

And thrive.

But I don't have any grand dreams, per se.

No ambition, but to be myself.

And experience.

And help, wherever I can.

Should I want more?


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