2005-04-03 - 10:20 p.m.

The day before yesterday I walked from Oxford St to Newtown. The sun was glaring down, the crowds I encountered vaguely rancorous, and all the main roads faintly throbbing with smog. As I walked to myself I thought: I LOVE this city. It's like being friends with a completely dirty slut... I don't know why either is an attractive prospect, but somehow they just are.

On that road near Sydney Uni, there was a bunch of broken glass on the road. As I walked over it, I sang "walking on, walking on, broken glaaass"

More random things...

Today I learned that when I am leaning back onto the couch at the right angle, my cleavage can hold a mug of milk. Go boobs! I feel like this could be vaguely useful in the future.

Yesterday I was looking for whitening toothpaste in the supermarket. I picked one up to examine it more closely, and found it to come bonus with no, not your usual minty freshness, but ... appetite suppressant!! I was utterly boggled, and yet, strangely attracted.

Life, it's a weird little thing, isn't it.

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