You toyed with my heart like it was a toy heart
2005-05-03 - 10:44 p.m.

Did you see the footage of the people protesting against fur at Sydney Fashion Week? Fucking freaks.

Just before the footage ended you could hear some guy in the background ask "But why are you protesting here? No-one's using fur!"


I got my history test back. 2hrs worth of last minute study = 74%. The seriously delayed triumph over the Procrastination Monster (we hang out heaps, he lets me call him Crassie) cost me 21% in my English assignment. Total percent of caring? 0%. priceless. no wait, worthless.


I woke up to tears this morning. Not mine. Mother crying, because mother's day is coming, and she never knew her mother. I told her that it wasn't fair, but she'd had over 60 years to come to terms with it.

What I didn't say was, you don't see me complaining about my lack of mother. But it was thought.

Fucking bitch.



When the radio hits play on the band I once so adored, I squint and then swear and sigh and then sing along and then sigh.

Some days it's nice to swear a lot.


"Hello! that was a stop sign!"
"I like totally paused."

Did anybody else who did Advanced English in 2001 find themselves able to recite lines from Clueless along with the ad for it? Mmmm, pointless ability. No, not even pointless! Like, negative point.


"What's one of the reasons a relationship lasts?"

Okay ad you have my attention.

"KY Ultra Gel is ultra smooth and non-messy..."

Ohmygod, of course! The secret to a successful relationship is lubricant... And here I was thinking it was honesty, like a sucker!

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