stop right now, thank you very much
2005-05-01 - 10:05 p.m.

ahh, life's tough decisions.

do my chronically late english assignment, OR, watch the skanks at the logies.

oh yeah, totally the skanks at the logies. they think they matter! isn't that cute. I love how they're all calling the shiny "bling bling" dahhhling that is soo last year, EVERYbody knows it's just "bling" now.

okay now I am imagining what life would be like if I was a soapie starlet. did I mention how easily impressionable I am? yesterday it was weddings, today it's logies, tomorrow if you show me a video about terrorists I'll get that faraway look in my eyes as I go "Hmmmm..."

What? A girl has to consider her options.


Pointless life observation #3017: my mental health is negatively correlated with my physical health.


bliddy bliddy blah blah.

don't you hate it when you are replaying a conversation in your head and then you realise how you feel about it and what you want to say to someone, way too late?

usually this is like a stick to the ribs, sharp but fading, only now I have found one that is like a REPETITIVE stick to the ribs, so persistently annoying that I'm giving it maybe 10 days. then if I'm still as crazed as I am now out of sheer desperation I will seek relief by snatching the appropriate person and relating the appropriate sentiments.


Why the logies are so very very wrong, particularly in the awards for journalism department:
*Ch9 won a logie for their tsunami coverage
(people are dead, but look at our filming of it, aren't we great!)
*"And Ivan Milat if you're watching, it's not too late to confess to any other murders you committed."

... O_o


Watching Carrie II, she's just gone bad-ass on all the jerks, and as I sit here watching I think "Fair enough. I hope she still ends up with her boyfriend though."

Because you know, it's not the killing that matters, it's that she ends up with the guy.

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