I heart Shelley
2005-04-28 - 11:29 p.m.

Update: So I settle down into the warmth of Mr Couch, on the small waves of sobs already cried out, dead tired but too tired to sleep, and then something is ringing.

It is my phone.

The caller ID tells me it's my homie girl, Shelleykins, and I think oh, she's probably called to chat, this should end the tearfest that seems to be my Thursday night (thankYOU pms, et al).

I pick up, with a shaky "eloww?" and her voice wavers repeatedly as she asks me if I am asleep. I think I got out a "noo" before there was a yelpy kind of noise and then breathlessness, much breathlessness, and when I put the noises together I figure out ohmygod ohmygod she is sobbing, and then I cry a little bit more, but then stop because I realise that two people sobbing over the phone can really NOT have a conversation.

In a little while her breathing is rockingly near normal and we talk, about what's been going on with her and stuff. It turns out that x, y and z (wha? none o' yo' busy-ness, fool!) and then I tell her about why I'm crying to make her feel better (hee, other people's crap naturally makes you feel better about yourself! ;) ) and so we talk and we realise that ME TOO was upset about x's and y's and such and then we marvel!

"Wait a minute, not only are you crying when I'm crying, but it's over the same shiznit?!!!"

All these years together have synchronsied our angst!!!

This is somehow crazy enough to uplift us both to our normal selves, and talk of wedding outfits and ohmygodohmygod this guy I served today who had this horrifically mesmerising 5cm long hair growing ON his NOSE!!!!!!!!!!

Thank jebus for best friends.

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