I don't want to give you the pleasure of stripping my colours to your grey
2005-02-15 - 12:24 a.m.

Oooh, a few hours after I wrote the last entry, not one, not two, but three roaches invaded my household.

Since He has been known to do this kinda thing before, it's highly likely that they were roaches sent by God. I like to think it was a neon sign, a heads up, a kind of -
"Rock on girl, you're getting it now! I blessed you with free will, so just like you're doing with the roaches, stand your ground. And for fuck's sake, get an exterminator."

Hehehe. Only in my head would God tell me to rock on and say fuck... he's like The Fonz, only modernised, and of deities.

Though I so have a bone to pick with him about the form of his messenger. What happened to a nice plague of locusts, slaughter of the first-born, etc.? Jonah got a whale but Babs gets roaches?? Harumph!

Oh, I'm sure I'll pay for that later.

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