the inevitable demise of Lord Capulet
2004-10-14 - 2:03 p.m.

Last night I told my boy that I love him, for the first time.

Last night my father disowned me.

All my life needs now to be completely and utterly Shakespearian is some kind of sword fight... oh, please god, don't let there be a sword fight.

Well, okay, maybe just a little one.

The whole father situation is tragic and saddening... Basically his underlying presumption that I am an idiot has been revealed in how badly he has reacted to my happiness.

He believes I'm fucking my life up, bringing shame upon the family, and all this other stupid stupid crap... and he has voiced this loudly, repeatedly, and it's just a bit of an emotional smack down that he can't just be happy that I'm happy.

Now we ignore each other. I care about this, but my train is going to different places; it's already stopped in "Hurt" and now it's heading straight for "Liberated" ... as long as the momentum doesn't derail me, I think I'll be fine.

Life is open.

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