will you bring me down will you break my fall
2005-03-20 - 11:47 p.m.

hand in my chest, fingernails drag down the insides, and i clutch and say "how did that get in there?"

i forgot i volunteered.

the bitch is always in the fine print you disregard.

an IV of jealousy hooked to my veins permanently.
you do such strange things to me.

i hit the wall tonight but tomorrow i will find a way around it, but now all burnt i can't see why i should. but i will anyway. and it will feel like the right thing when i do it. but i'm not sure it will be. but i'll die if i don't take risks.

there are boobs on tv. the person attached to them is talking but you can't see her face, just her chest, which bounces with her speech. it seems like the boobs are talking.

the talking boobs are somewhat pacifying.
you can't be upset when there are talking boobs around.

i hope nobody loves like i love.

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