my life is confetti
2005-03-03 - 12:47 a.m.

almost dizzy from lack of sleep and the knowledge that there are things to do, miles to go, before I sleep, but I thought I'd come here a tear a chunk out of myself, dissect it and label, and then maybe later I will rest.


translation: girl ie. me is linguistically orientated, she just likes tearing things apart and labelling, things have to have labels, else how would we know them. trust me. mother is losing her mind and when she can't find a word for something she can't access the concept either. so girl knows the importance of scrutiny and labelling.

only, only, girl has gone to far in her own desperation and torn things into such small shreds that she can't reassemble them in any way that makes sense, so all that she is left with is confetti.

throw them up in the air now and twirl with the snowflakes the past has given us, tomorrow, in the morning, one day, things will be shiny and new.

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